Welcome to AMP Dance Competition, the new and vibrant competition turning up the “VOLUME” for you.  Our mission is to provide a superior performance and competitive experience while providing an event where your passion for the arts can also change someone’s life.

We weren’t satisfied with the standard dance competition mold; we think studio owners, dancers and their families deserve more.  We are HUGE on CULTURE and Community, that’s why we started this event with seven beliefs that remain the heart of all that we do.

Less Can Mean More…

We believe we can provide better service and more one on one time by producing fewer and shorter events.  We want to always promote our FAMILY culture by keeping our events to a manageable time and day for all ages. We have a sellout number to ensure the following…

  • Performers will never be required to miss school to attend an AMP event.
  • Awards will never go late into the middle of the night.
  • We recognize that Sunday is a school night, therefore, all performances AND awards are wrapped up by 8:30pm.

Giving Back…

We believe in the philosophy that “You can’t live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to pay you back”-John Wooden. We believe in inspiring each other to be giving members of our community. Our mission is to provide a superior performance and competitive experience while providing an event where your passion for the arts can also change someone’s life. Every student who participates in the AMP experience is a part of something much greater. We will be donating a percentage of each entry fee to Sunshine Angels, a nonprofit committed to providing life changing guidance for foster children. This provides an opportunity for every student to use their skill and love for dance to better the community and directly impact someone’s life.

Pay it Forward…

AMP believes that the art and passion of dance teaches many life lessons. It’s about more than scores and trophies. It’s about using our love of dance to inspire and lift one another. We each have our own competitive goals within our own dance studio, however, supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.

Our “PAY IT FORWARD” program will hopefully give kids the confidence to meet new dance friends.  Each participating studio will be given a small trinket or gift for each and every student, and we encourage every student here at AMP to use these as a tool to communicate with someone new in a positive way. Truly watch, support and be inspired by someone new.  Pass the trinket off to someone you don’t know, but inspired you. We discuss and call the kids up at awards to discuss how they “Paid it forward” or how it felt when they received one.

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is LOVE!”  – Lana Del Rey

Surround Ourselves with Successful People…

We believe success produces success, so we have created a culture of teamwork in which the best in the industry share their ideas and approaches, helping everyone become better. We are so proud to be a More Than Just Great Dancing preferred vendor, and uphold the values of MTJGD.

This Business Is About Relationships and Relationships Must Grow…

We are only successful when YOU our supporters are successful, and our supporters succeed through a positive experience. That means we need to stay ahead of the game with all that we do and make sure we are sharing that with YOU. AMP will host annual Jam Sessions for studio owners/teachers to continue to make sure your needs are met and we are constantly improving for YOU and your dancers.

Always Do the Right Thing…

When we make a promise, we WILL deliver on it.  If we make a mistake, we will not only own it, we will fix it. In short, we will always do the right thing. Working together to find solutions and improvements is a top priority for us here at AMP.

Recognizing ALL Dancers…

We at AMP understand that all dancers have something AMAZING they bring to the stage regardless of skill level. We recognize that all dancers are at a different place in their journey rather that be the beginning, middle, end or somewhere in between. AMP has created numerous special awards that have nothing to do with score, but are equally commended, so that all dancers have a chance to feel recognized for their strengths as Artists.  

That is the AMP way!


Can I join my dancer backstage?

Unfortunately, our backstage area is reserved for AMP staff, performers, teachers and studio directors only. We hope that this will prevent overcrowding and congestion for the dancers. Prop parents are allowed backstage 3 numbers prior to the entry to help load and unload props.

How early do you suggest I arrive with my dancer?

Though AMP tries to provide an on-time event, scheduling is never an exact science.

We suggest that you arrive ready to compete, with hair and makeup done, 1 hour prior to your scheduled time. AMP may run early, but will never run more than 1 hour early. Breaks will be inserted to “slow us down” if necessary. 

How do I obtain photos and videos of my routines?

NEW this year – When attending any AMP Competition event, you will receive ALL of your photos and videos of every routine your dancer participated in for FREE!!! All your photos and videos will be uploaded to your DanceBug account 48-72 hours after the events completion.

How do I obtain my critiques and score sheets?

ALL critiques and ALL scores will be uploaded to your DanceBug account 24-72 hours after the events completion. We will provide critiques and scores for every routine, however, your studio owner may have their own set of rules for sharing this information. Please reach out to your studio owners with any questions.

Will your event run in the order of the program?

AMP runs completely in order as per the program. There will be a published order to help with the flow of things, costume changes, and to deliver an on time event. Dancers will be expected to perform in the order published. AMP will wait for all reasonable costume changes—please encourage all students to be prepared and change in a timely manner. We will NOT hold up the flow of competition for your performers or teachers to rehearse a routine. We hope this rule will allow AMP to run a fair and on-time event for all studios. If your routine does not perform in order due to “holding” or rehearsing, that number will be disqualified from winning any Overall High Point Awards.

How do dressing rooms work?

AMP hopes to spread out our participating dancers amongst all provided dressing rooms. Though it is not guaranteed, AMP tries to give each studio their own designated space or shared space with one other studio for dressing rooms. A boys dressing room will always be provided. We ask that all dancers and their parents/guardians are restricted to their specifically assigned dressing room and are asked not to enter other dressing rooms to help provide a safe, clean and comfortable changing environment.

Members of the opposite gender are not allowed to enter each other’s dressings rooms; this rule will be strictly enforced. Please use dressing rooms for costume changes and getting dressed ONLY. We asked that you do not use the dressing rooms as a place to gather, hang out or rehearse in between numbers. To help with heightened sanitation guidelines, we ask that you only bring what is absolutely necessary for your stage performance to the venue. Please leave extra items such as blankets, iPads, foot stretchers, bands, etc. at home. Absolutely zero food, snacks, drinks are allowed in the dressing rooms. (Water only is permitted)

We ask that you clear out ALL personal items from the dressing rooms after your last performed routine BEFORE your awards ceremony. This helps AMP free up more space for the students arriving for the next session. If you are NOT in consecutive performance sessions, we kindly ask you to clear your dressing space and return prior to your session. For example, if your child is in section 1 and section 4, we do ask that you clear your items to provide space for dancers participating in section 2 or 3.