Official online entries must be completed in their entirety. Studio owners/directors must check the release clause at checkout. ENTRIES MUST BE received in our office 30 days prior to the event date. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. A late fee will be applied after the deadline date, if you have not completely checked out, including payment; please refer to “FEES” Page on STUDIO CONSOLE. No entries are considered “registered” until paid in full, nor will any entries be processed without full payment. Only Visa, Master Card, or EFT Debit transactions will be accepted. The deadline for category/competition changes is 2 weeks prior to the event date. No changes will be accepted after this date. AMP reserves the right to add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. AMP also reserves the right to cancel any event that does not meet the minimal number of acceptable entries. In the event this should occur, all entry fees will be refunded. There will be NO refunds on entries after the minimum numbers of entries have been received and the competition has been confirmed. Admission is free and the general public is welcomed. Doors will open exactly 30 minutes prior to the first performance time. NO VIDEO, DSLR CAMERAS OR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY- A friendly reminder that flash photography and video recording is not permitted. Still photographs are permitted without the flash, for the safety of your students.  Please pass this information along to your students, parents, and families. This is done to protect the rights of the choreographer, to protect the children’s safety and to make it possible for AMP to offer a full photo and video service. Failure to comply with this rule may result in confiscation of the recordings and/or photographs, and disqualification. It is the responsibility of the studio owner/director to inform their students and parents of the NO Photo/Video rule. No food, drinks or smoking is allowed in the competition performance area or inside the contracted venue. All participating teachers, dancers and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship. No student may compete under two or more studios. Failure to comply could result in immediate disqualification and loss of privileges to participate in future AMP Competitions.


Categories: Solos (limit of 2 per dancer), Duet/Trios (duets and trios will compete against each other), Small Group (4-9 performers), Large Group (10-17 performers), Super Line (18-24 performers), Production (25 or more performers).


Time Limits: All Solos, Duet/Trios must be limited to 2:45 minutes. Small Groups must be limited to 3:00 minutes. All Large Groups must be limited to 4:00 minutes. Super Line performances have a 5:00 minute time limit. Production performances have a 7:00 minute time limit for performance and a total of 4:00 minutes for set-up and removal of props. Extended time is available (up to 1:00 minute for a fee of $5.00 per performer) for Small Group, Large Groups, Super Lines and Productions. Routines that don’t comply with these time limits may result in a deduction. Dancers are expected to perform in the order published, unless the Competition Director grants special permission or it has been pre-approved and documented by the office administration prior to the competition. Unauthorized delays of the performance schedule will result in a 1-point per judge deduction and/or disqualification. Dances not performing within 10 acts after their scheduled performance time will not be eligible for Overall High Point Awards, unless it has been pre-approved by the office administration or by the Competition Director. An act that re-performs will only be re-adjudicated if it experiences a technical error on AMP’s behalf. A tentative schedule with the performance time of each act will be available online via the “Studio Console” one week prior to the competition. Contestants in the first 10 acts competing should arrive in full costume including hair and make-up and be ready to perform. All other competing dancers must be ready to perform one hour prior to their scheduled performance time. **If the competition is running ahead of schedule, dancers are expected to perform in order of the program and / or when called upon backstage. AMP will not allow the competition to run more than an hour ahead of schedule.


All music must be submitted online via “Dance Era” no later than two weeks from event date. Please bring a back-up flash drive with all competition entries in order of performance.


Age Divisions are as follows: Mini: 4-8. Junior: 9-12. Teen: 13-15. Senior: 16 & up. AGE DIVISIONS ARE DETERMINED AS OF JANUARY 1ST CUT OFF. The 2016 November and December competition ages must be bumped up to the dancer’s age as of January 1, 2017. The average age will determine the age group for Duet/Trios, Groups, Super Lines and Productions. When determining the average age of an act, always drop the decimal. The average age of each entry must not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry, regardless of the actual average age. Example; an entry contains dancers ranging in age 9-17, the entry may not compete younger that the Teen Category (one division younger than the oldest dancer; 17). Routines are allowed to “age up” (compete in an age category higher than the average age).


LOW FREQUENCY LEVEL: This level is for your beginner and intermediate dancers and should be determined at the discretion of the studio owner/director. This level is for the inexperienced competitor or a dancer who only trains up to 6 hours a week. Age and technical ability should be taken into consideration. 75% of your participating dancers in group/line numbers must be Low Frequency level dancers in order to compete in this category.

HIGH FREQUENCY LEVEL: This level is for your advanced dancers and should be determined at the discretion of the studio owner/director. This level is for the experienced competitor or a dancer who trains over 6 hours a week. Age and technical ability should be taken into consideration. Routines can always choose to compete up.


*There are no restrictions on the number of “tricks” or “acro moves” allowed in your routine regardless of style.

BALLET/POINTE – Performance should contain ballet technique incorporating classic movements.

JAZZ – Performance must consist of jazz technique; splits and floor rolls are permissible.

TAP – Performance consisting primarily of tap technique. Tap shoes must be worn.

LYRICAL – Performance consisting of dynamic emotion and expressive movements demonstrated with fluidity, balance, extension and control. All lyrical routines must contain lyrics in the music.

CONTEMPORARY – Performance that combines both lyrical and modern movements.

MUSICAL THEATRE – Performance featuring any style of dance from a Broadway, Movie or Television Show.

HIP HOP/FUNK – Performance demonstrating street style of jazz that incorporates hip-hop and/or funk choreography. Acrobatics and break dancing are permissible.

OPEN – Performance demonstrating any dance style or combination of dance styles.

SPECIALTY – Consists of all other categories such as acro/gymnastics, ballroom, clogging, novelty, ethnic, etc

PRODUCTION – Performance must utilize at least 25 dancers incorporating any style of dance that portrays a theme or storyline throughout. Production performances have a 7:00 minute time limit for performance and given a maximum of 4:00 minutes total for set-up and removal of props. NO EXCEPTIONS (unless extended time was purchased).


Dancers must perform in their scheduled order unless permission is given for costume changes. Points will be deducted from acts that do not comply. Dancers who do not perform within 10 acts of their scheduled time will be ineligible for Overall High Point awards. The only exception to this rule is if the AMP office administration has prior notification or the Competition Director has pre-approved the delay. If the stage is littered during an act, please be ready to clean it up immediately following the performance. In addition, dancers must perform their ENTIRE act on the stage. Performer may not enter or exit the stage from anywhere other than the wings. Starting the performance from the audience or ending in the audience is also not permitted. Jumping off the front of the stage is not permitted. Running in front of the judges’ table or approaching the panel of judges is also not allowed. For safety purposes, props and performers should never come within 1 foot from the edge of the stage. Special stage or house lighting will not be provided for any performance. Rehearsing on stage prior to the start of a competition or after the completion of a competition day is strictly prohibited. At no time are teachers, parents or dancers allowed to practice, rehearse or meet on stage. *By not abiding by the previously stated rules, this may result in a one-point deduction from each judge.


AMP realizes that dance and art cross a broad range of styles, taste and appropriateness. However, AMP is a family event and we are determined to set some sort of standard to make sure inappropriate routines are penalized or disqualified. At a minimum, these routines should not be rewarded with the highest scores of the competition. To handle this, AMP has set up a “Family Viewing” point system. It’s simple: Each judge’s score sheet has a check box on it, labeled “This routine might not be AMP friendly”. For each judge that checks this box, there will be a 3-point deduction from a routine’s total score. So, if two judges check this box, a routine’s score would drop 6 points. If all three judges check the box, the routine will be disqualified. Again, this is not a perfect science. AMP’s opinion might be too relaxed for some and too strict for others. We can only do what we think is right. This is a work in progress but we feel that it’s a step in the right direction. As always, we welcome your feedback!


For safety measures, all props (free standing or hand held) are restricted to a maximum height of 10 feet. For safety, dancers cannot stand above 7’ on a prop. The use of safety railings is allowed. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, etc. may be used that would affect the dancing surface. If the stage is littered during an act, please be ready to clean it up immediately following the performance. When sliding props or moving scenery, please be careful not to damage the marley dance floor. If marley floor is damaged beyond repair, the studio owner/director will be responsible for its replacement. Hanging backdrops and special lighting may not be used. Fire, swords, knives, and use of live animals are prohibited. Helium balloons are only allowed if they are weighted and if permitted by the venue. If the weight of a prop exceeds the maximum weight limit for a built stage, or the Competition Director feels the weight of the prop is a safety hazard, the dancers will not be allowed to use the prop. Props must be loaded in and out of the venue on the same day they will be used. Storing props in the wings or backstage is not allowed. AMP will not be responsible for props left overnight or unattended. Any special request for the assembling of props must be discussed with the Competition Director upon arrival to the venue. All props backstage MUST be labeled with the studio name for identification purposes. *Any violation of the above rules in the routine being ineligible for any high score awards and will be announced for adjudication ONLY.


A pre-determined panel of judges will judge contestants, and all entrants agree that all decisions of the judges are final. All entrants agree that the time, manner and method of judging the competition will be solely within the discretion of the Directors and Producers of AMP Dance Competition.  All score sheets will be available to studio owners/directors only. Each performance will be evaluated on the following five elements: 1.) Technique – 40 points total 2.) Stage Presence – 25 points total 3.) Choreography – 20 points total 4.) Timing and Music – 10 points total 5.) Costume – 5 points total There is a maximum of 100 points per judge. Ties will not be broken for the general competition awards. However, all ties will be broken for Special and Overall High Point Awards. Judges’ score sheets and DVDs are confidential and are given out to studio owners and teachers ONLY. Please check with the AMP desk after event is over to see if your competition packet is ready. These “packets” can be received through the AMP registration page. If technical difficulties arise, we will ship it to you within a few days of the event.


LOW FREQUENCY LEVEL and HIGH FREQUENCY LEVEL: In preparation for the real professional world, AMP will treat the competition like the “Dance Olympics”. Each act that performs will receive a score from a panel of three pre-determined judges at Regional competitions. Each Dance will receive an adjudication award of Blown Speaker, High Voltage, Voltage, or Amp. From there, a catgory winner will be announced in each category for solos, duo/trios, and a “Best in Style” for group numbers. All routines will receive an adjudication announcement and an award. Although acts are competing against an adjudicated point system for general awards, all contestants will compete against each other for the Overall High Point awards. If there is only one act competing in a particular division, that act will be judged against a point system. The scoring range of that particular competition determines the point break for all given awards. A top 10 for overall highpoints will be rewarded in the solo, duet/trio, small group, large group, super line/production divisions. A routine in a very high scoring category could easily make the top ten overalls though they were not announced as a category winner. We are hoping, by structuring awards this way it will help these dancers strive to be better and appreciate the true value of winning by not diluting what it means to win at a high level.

HIGH POINT EMBLEMS High Point Emblems will be presented to the top scoring Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group and Super Line/Production in both Low Frequency and High Frequency levels. A minimum of 2 entries in each division is required to receive a high point emblem. A Cash Award will be awarded to the highest scoring solo, duet/trio, small group, large group, and super line/production in each age division. A minimum of 5 entries in each division is required for Cash awards to be given to the overall winner. All cash awards will be presented to the Studio Director or Teacher. All acts must perform on the same day and before their awards ceremony to be eligible for Overall High Point Awards. Any act, which does not compete at their assigned day and time, will only receive their general award. Overall High Point awards will be divided into 4 age divisions: 8 and under, 9 to 12, 13 to 15, 16 & above. The exact same Solo, Duet/Trio contestants may place only once in the Overall High Point Awards. Should an act drop below the minimum number requirement for the group size during the competition, it will compete for adjudication only and is ineligible for Overall High Point Awards. Should an act drop below the minimum number requirement for the group size after the program is printed and AMP is notified before the start of the competition, the act may compete in the appropriate division and time for eligibility.


AMP SCHOLARSHIP- This scholarship is presented to one or more outstanding soloist in both the Low Frequency and High Frequency Levels. Each winner receives a full solo entry scholarship to attend any of the 2019 AMP Dance Competitions. The AMP Scholarship is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for studio credit.

COSTUME AWARD – The judges will select a winner based on design, originality, fit & routine appropriateness. This will be in the solo category, duet/trio category, and groups/super lines/ productions category combined in both the Low Frequency and High Frequency Levels.

DIFFICULTY AWARD – The judges will select a winner based on the execution of difficulty in technique and choreography. This will be in the solo category, duet/trio category, and groups/super lines/productions category combined in both the Low Frequency and High Frequency Levels.

CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD – This award will be presented to the choreographer who has displayed exceptional choreography with their solo, duet/trio, group, super line or production performances in both the Low Frequency and High Frequency Levels.. The dances with the most nominations by the panel of judges will be deemed the winner of this award.

MOST ENTERTAINING AWARD – This award will be chosen by the panel of judges and presented to the Solo, Duet/Trio, Group and/or Line deemed to be most entertaining in each of the Low Frequency and High Frequency levels.

TECHNIQUE AWARD – This award will be chosen by the panel of judges and presented to the Solo, Duet/Trio, Group and/or Line deemed to showcase outstanding technical ability in each of the Low Frequency and High Frequency levels

WELL ROUNDED STUDIO AWARD – Here at AMP, we want to acknowledge those studios who are truly providing their dancers with a full rounded education and training their students in multiple genres of dance. All studios who qualify for this award, will receive recognition with our Golden Record Award. In addition to being a Nominee for our highest award, the winner will win a CASH AWARD. This CASH AWARD will be given to the studio that participates in group routines with at least 5 different styles of dance and has the highest average score. At least 5 different styles of the following must be performed: Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Open, Specialty, Hip Hop, Tap. We will award a Low Frequency and High Frequency Well Rounded Studio Award.

“DANCIN’SPIRATION” EVENT AWARD – We hold this award at the highest esteem. This award is for the Senior soloist that is full rounded in style, training, choreography and sportsmanship. The solist that truly goes above and beyond to make the art of dance the voice of change. This soloist will be invited to any “DANCIN’SPIRATION” Event. Each year “DANCIN’SPIRATION” contacts elite youth dance companies throughout the country to stage a benefit show. Each participating dance company brings numbers of varying genres, which together are woven into an entertaining production of diverse dance disciplines. The studios and dancers get to perform in a professional venue for a good cause, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to a youth-based charitable organization.



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