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Helpful and pleasant staff! The entire competition was organized and well run. The awards were efficient. Our studio enjoyed our entire experience and appreciated that the art of dance was celebrated!

Sole Expressions

Studio Owner

We always schedule AMP in our season as a priority. They go above and beyond to make teachers, students and parents feel welcome and comfortable. They run perfectly on time with a well-planned program. Keep up the great work AMP!


Studio Owner

Without a doubt, AMP is my favorite dance competition experience to date! So here is the story: I live in Vegas, My parents live in AZ. Due to my parents’ health (my father is disabled) they are no longer able to make the trip to Vegas. So I thought, maybe I could go to AZ and have my girls do their solos there. The first competition I contacted said, “NO” They said they had a minimum entry requirement. Even after I told them my circumstance! Ugh! I then came across AMP. I received a speedy reply to my email that the would love to have my two daughters at the AMP comp in AZ! We arrived, everyone was so friendly, it was so organized, so fun. Every detail thought through. Thanks to AMP, we wheeled my father into the handicapped section of the theater, and both my parents got to watch their grandkids dance on stage with tears streaming down their face. It will live in our family memories FOREVER, all thanks to AMP! We are forever grateful!



I’ve been competing at AMP for the past 5 years and It is by far my favorite event of the year. The energy from all the staff and judges is unmatched.



As a parent, this is the GOLD standard of dance competitions!! They were above and beyond organized! We received our schedule 2-3 weeks prior to the competition which is amazing for planning as a parent with multiple kiddos. The staff personally took us to our dressing rooms and were above and beyond friendly. The vibe, energy and positivity is ABOVE and BEYOND any competition we’ve attended. Regardless of score, my 2 teen daughters (which is hard to please ever) left feeling so good about themselves. They were entered in the intermediate level, and though they may never be a “Top 10 Overall” scoring soloist, they left feeling recognized by not only the competition with their creative awards, but by the AMP staff cheering them on backstage and by OTHER dancers participating in AMP’s Pay it Forward Program. Kids from other studios were given keychains to go hand to other kids that inspired them — for my girls to receive recognition from their competitors made them feel seen and so special. I know that as a parent I don’t choose our studios competitions, but I certainly hope we get to experience more of AMP again!!! Hands down a HEALTHY competitive experience with AMP. Thank you!



We love everything AMP stands for as a competition! Our students and families love the lively and welcoming atmosphere. The feedback is great for dancers continue to grow throughout the season. They are on time and care about each individual. As a community that values giving back to the community, we love that they give back to Sunshine Angels with every entry. We also love the Pay it Forward effort they provide with connecting and uplifting dancers from different studios throughout the weekend. AMP is the first competition to be put on our calendar every year!



This was our first time at this competition. We absolutely loved everything about it! Amanda is the BEST! XOXO-


Studio Owner

This was our first comp of the season and AMP really delivered an amazing event! The staff was very friendly, energetic and professional. We really loved the vibe and the “pay it forward” key chains they have for each dancer to give to a dancer from another studio that impressed them, moved them, or stood out. The teacher lounge was a nice treat to have a moment away from the kids/parents. Re’Sean the show director was amazing and engaging with the dancers, Envision Dance & Gymnastics will definitely coming back to AMP in the future.


Studio Owner

For the past 3 years my dancers have competed at AMP and each year they absolutely love it!! The staff is so nice and welcoming! The atmosphere of the whole event is very positive and uplifting. The judging is fair and accurate, but they make sure that every dancer feels love and support no matter what level they are at. They do a great job of making all the dancers feel seen and recognized for all their hard work. I personally love that they give out all 4 adjudication awards, and don’t just award everyone the highest title. I know that not everyone may agree with that, but it really is beneficial for the dancers. For my dancers that score a lower adjudication it’s helpful for them to hear that they are getting critiqued on things that I have been trying to tell them for weeks in rehearsal. Sometimes they just need to hear it from someone else for it to click for them. And for my dancers that received the highest adjudication, it makes them feel like they truly earned it. I also appreciate that the judges actually give critiques and feedback, rather than just saying “good job” or “wow so cute”. They actually give notes that are beneficial and helpful to work on in the studio, so that we can improve before we hit the stage again. They do this really cool thing all weekend called “Pay it Forward”. At the beginning of the event they give each studio these keychains and stickers and they encourage the kids to hand one out to a dancer they don’t know and is not from their studio. It really helps teach the kids that it is kind to support other dancers, because we have ALL worked hard to be there. So when one of my dancers sees another dancer kill it in their solo then they can go hand them a sticker or keychain and tell them good job. and then the hope is that dancer in return does it to someone else. I really love how much AMP focuses on sharing the love. All in all a great experience for everyone that attends! I highly recommend them!