While enjoying your experience at AMP, we ask that all attendees follow certain guidelines to allow for a safe event that runs smoothly and on time. AMP prohibits any outside Photography or Videography of any kind while a dance is performing. Pictures are welcomed during our awards ceremonies only. We kindly ask that all attendees use their best theater etiquette at all times. To avoid any distractions for our judges and performers, we ask that you remain in your seat during performances. You may use the transitional time in between performances to move about. Please silence all phones and electronic devices and keep talking to a minimum, though cheering is always encouraged. Please respect and treat every performer and performance in a way you would like your child to be treated.


Can I join my dancer backstage?

Unfortunately, our backstage area is reserved for AMP staff, performers, teachers and studio directors only. We hope that this will prevent overcrowding and congestion for the dancers. Prop parents are allowed backstage 3 numbers prior to the entry to help load and unload props.

How early do you suggest I arrive with my dancer?

We ask that you arrive ready to compete an hour prior to your first scheduled routine. For early morning performances, doors will open 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled entry.

How do I obtain photos and videos of my routines?

AMP offers wonderful video and photography vendors. You may purchase your media needs at the event directly from our vendors in the lobby.

Will your event run in the order of the program?

AMP runs completely in order as per the program. Dancers are expected to perform in the order published, unless the Competition Director grants special permission or it has been pre-approved and documented by the office administration prior to the competition. Unauthorized delays of the performance schedule will result in a 1-point per judge deduction and/or disqualification. Dances not performing within 10 acts after their scheduled performance time will not be eligible for Overall High Point Awards, unless it has been pre-approved by the office administration or by the Competition Director. We hope this rule will allow AMP to run a fair and on-time event. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances may occur and also take quick changes into account, and will operate in a fair manner.

How do dressing rooms work?

In smaller events, AMP will assign dressing rooms for each competing studio. In larger events, Amp will designate large changing areas to be shared amongst all competing studios. Dancers and their parents/guardians are restricted to their studios dressing room and are asked not to enter other dressing rooms. Male dancers will always have their own designated dressing room. Members of the opposite gender are not allowed to enter each other’s dressings rooms; this rule will be strictly enforced. Please use dressing rooms for costume changes and getting dressed only. Please use the lobby and hallways for rehearsing routines, eating, drinking, gathering, etc.