AMP’s Number one priority is the safety of all staff, judges, participants, studio owners, teachers, friends and family. In the event that all social distancing guidelines are lifted within your state, 30 days prior to your event, we will offer our normal competition operations in regards to scheduling, award ceremonies, audience & dressing room occupancy, etc.

In the event that 2022 may come with a list of social distancing guidelines for the safety of all involved, AMP has prepared and created a NEW way to perform and compete that will deliver the same positive, upbeat and fun experience that you’ve come to expect from AMP DANCE COMPETITION. Please note, below is an example of what our events COULD look like. Each individual event may have slight differences as each state has different social distancing and safety requirements that AMP will comply with. We will finalize each events specific guidelines 30 days prior to the event.

While enjoying your NEW experience at AMP, we ask that all attendees follow certain guidelines to allow for a safe event that runs smoothly and on time.


To provide less crowding in dressing rooms, social distancing in the auditorium, and less traffic in the lobby we have created a NEW way to compete with AMP DANCE COMPETITION while guidelines are still in place. Based on number of entries, each studio will be allotted a time to come and perform all of their entries – solos, duos/trios, groups and productions in all ages and all levels. This will allow your performers, teachers, and parents to have a NEW VIP experience. We will spread your students out between numerous dressing rooms, seats in the auditorium will be spread out, and you will have full access to the AMP shop and lobby all to yourself. Your performers will be in costume, under the big lights, performing on stage while our judges and staff work hard for you. Just like any of our events, your routines will be scored on an adjudicated system for your appropriate age level, category and Frequency level. Though you are performing at an allotted time with your studio only, this is still a competitive event, and all scores will be combined for Category Winner Awards, Overall Highpoint Awards, and Well Rounded Studio Awards.

At this time, AMP Dance Competition will NOT be limiting group sizes for routines, but rather ask that all participating studios consider what the limits and guidelines  are in the individual city they choose to attend. AMP Dance Competition will keep all backstage area cleared to help with the safe execution of production routines, for dancers on and off stage.

During the NEW VIP experience only, AMP will allow outside Photography and Videography, but for the safety of our performers, no flash photography is permitted. No outside vendor will be provided at this time. To help with social distancing within the dressing rooms, theatre, and lobby, we will have a limit on the amount of guests each performer can bring—this is dependent on the individual states occupancy guidelines. We will be LIVE STREAMING our event for all other friends and family to enjoy your performance from the comfort of their own home. We kindly ask that all attendees use their best theater etiquette at all times. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted inside the auditorium at any time. We have blocked off seats to be within social distancing guidelines. To avoid any distractions for our judges and performers, we ask that you remain in your seat during performances. You may use the transitional time in between performances to move about. Please silence all phones and electronic devices and keep talking to a minimum, though cheering is always encouraged. Please respect and treat every performer and performance in a way you would like your child to be treated.


There will be two Awards Ceremonies for your performers to attend. The first AWARDS ceremony will be on stage for your studio only, immediately following the conclusion of your last performance. Here your routines will receive their ADJUDICATION and SPECIAL awards ONLY including medals and bracelets. The second AWARDS ceremony will be on stage following the conclusion of all performances from all studios. Here, we will announce Judges Choice Awards, Category winners (headphones and records), Overall Highpoints, Cash Awards, Scholarships and Well Rounds Studio Award. All Cash Awards will be mailed to your studio owner within 30 days after the event. Depending on social distancing guidelines, we may be reserving audience and stage allowed occupancy for students and teachers ONLY, during this final Awards Ceremony. This will hopefully allow AMP to provide a fun and safe presentation of our highest awards and recognitions for the majority of the performers participating at AMP Dance Competition.


Can I join my dancer backstage?

Unfortunately, our backstage area is reserved for AMP staff, performers, teachers and studio directors only. We hope that this will prevent overcrowding and congestion for the dancers. Prop parents are allowed backstage 3 numbers prior to the entry to help load and unload props.

How early do you suggest I arrive with my dancer?

With our NEW VIP experience, you will not be allowed into the building or dressing rooms until 30 minutes prior to your studios start time. After the previous participating studio is done competing, this will allow us time to clear, clean and prepare the dressing rooms, auditorium, stage and lobby prior to your arrival. We ask that you arrive ready to compete, with hair and makeup done, so we can start on time.

How do I obtain photos and videos of my routines?

With our NEW VIP experience, you are performing and supporting your own studios routines live in person, from your minis through your seniors. Due to this, we are allowing our guests to take their own photos and videos. For the safety of all performers, the use of flash is prohibited. An outside vendor will not be provided for your photo/video needs.

Will your event run in the order of the program?

AMP runs completely in order as per the program. Though with our NEW VIP format, you will be competing in an allotted time with your studio only, there will still be a published order to help with the flow of things, costume changes, and to deliver an on time event. Dancers will be expected to perform in the order published. With the NEW VIP scheduling, AMP is aware there may be delays due to quick changes. AMP will wait for all reasonable costume changes—please encourage all students to be prepared and change in a timely manner. We will NOT hold up the flow of competition for your performers or teachers to rehearse a routine. We hope this rule will allow AMP to run a fair and on-time event for all studios.

How do dressing rooms work?

With our NEW VIP event, AMP hopes to spread out your participating dancers amongst all provided dressing rooms. For example, you may have a mini/junior dressing room, a teen dressing room, a senior dressing room, and a boys dressing room all laid out for your individual studio to comply with social distancing guidelines. We ask that all dancers and their parents/guardians are restricted to their specifically assigned dressing room and are asked not to enter other dressing rooms to help provide a safe, clean and socially distant changing environment. Male dancers will always have their own designated dressing room. Members of the opposite gender are not allowed to enter each other’s dressings rooms; this rule will be strictly enforced. Please use dressing rooms for costume changes and getting dressed ONLY. We asked that you do not use the dressing rooms as a place to gather, hang out or rehearse in between numbers. To help with heightened sanitation guidelines, we ask that you only bring what is absolutely necessary for your stage performance to the venue. Please leave extra items such as blankets, iPads, foot stretchers, bands, etc. at home. Absolutely zero food, snacks, drinks are allowed in the dressing rooms.

We ask that you clear out ALL personal items from the dressing rooms after your last performed routine BEFORE your studios first awards ceremony. The dressing rooms will be locked at the start of your Awards Ceremony to allow the AMP staff proper time to sanitize, clear and clean before the next studios arrival. All uncollected items will be moved to Lost and Found, so please gather ALL belongings PRIOR to your first Awards Ceremony.