NEW this year, AMP Dance Competition is now offering THREE different performance levels for students to dance, compete and have a BLAST in a comfortable team environment. Now introducing the “New Beat” division designed for our dancers who are just beginning their dance training. This category is strictly for beginner dancers who have 2 or less years of competitive experience, who train less that 4 hours a week, and are at an introductory/beginner skill level. In addition to, we also have a “Low Frequency” division and a “High Frequency” division meant for more experienced competitive dancers. If you need more assistance in picking the right division for your dancers, you can find more information on our rules page or contact us. ALL of these levels offer a high energy experience with scholarship opportunities. Experience AMP DANCE…it’s more than just a dance competition, it’s ART, it’s MUSIC, it is PASSION.


You spoke, we listened. We have added a new adjudication to the scoring system. All routines will receive an adjudication award of one of the following:

  • Blown Speaker
  • Extreme Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Voltage
  • Amp


AMP Dance Competition is now offering a new, in-house workshop and showcase called AMP’d UP from October 2021 through May 2022! This is a VIP Experience personalized to your needs—“It’s about YOU”!!! This is a 2-day event, in the comfort of your own studio, that is meant to offer professional training, feedback and preparation tips for your competitive routines including recorded critiques on choreography, musicality, technique, performance and staging, positive audition experience, special awards, scholarships and much more. You as the studio owner can customize the style of classes, how many classes, how many routines you want to showcase and receive feedback on, date and time. 

Please call for more information and to plan out your personalized event with positive, professional, inspiring powerhouses working in the dance industry today!!!


Welcome to AMP Dance Competition, the new and vibrant competition turning up the “VOLUME” for you.  Our mission is to provide a superior performance and competitive experience while providing an event where your passion for the arts can also change someone’s life. Every student who participates in the AMP experience is a part of something much greater. We will be donating a percentage of each entry fee to Sunshine Angels, a nonprofit committed to providing life changing guidance for foster children. This provides an opportunity for every student to use their skill and love for dance to better the community and directly impact someone’s life.

We weren’t satisfied with the standard dance competition mold; we think studio owners, dancers and their families deserve more.  That’s why we started this event with five beliefs that remain the heart of all that we do.

Less Can Mean More…

We believe we can provide better service and more one on one time by producing fewer and shorter events.  We want to always promote our family culture by keeping our events to a manageable time and day for all ages. Performers will never be required to miss school to attend an AMP event. We recognize all holidays as important Family days, therefore AMP will never hold an event on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other family related holiday.

Surround Ourselves with Successful People…

We believe success produces success, so we have created a culture of teamwork in which the best in the industry share their ideas and approaches, helping everyone become better.

This Business Is About Relationships and Relationships Must Grow…

We are only successful when YOU our supporters are successful, and our supporters succeed through a positive experience. That means we need to stay ahead of the game with all that we do and make sure we are sharing that with YOU.

Always Do the Right Thing…

When we make a promise, we WILL deliver on it.  If we make a mistake, we will not only own it, we will fix it. In short, we will always do the right thing.


We believe in the philosophy that “You can’t live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to pay you back”-John Wooden. We believe in inspiring each other to be giving members of our community.

That is the AMP way!